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David Roche, Inspirational Humorist. You'll remember more than his face. He'll open your eyes. He'll touch your heart
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Accessibility statement

Accessibility has been taken into consideration throughout the design of this website. The following information may assist users with various types of disabilities who would like to access this site efficiently and thoroughly:

  • Audio transcription. Not all audio and audio/visual materials within the site have been transcribed at this point. However, the site developers have indicated that transcripts are being developed.
  • Quotations. Most pages include a quotation acclaiming David that is in a graphic format inaccessible to screen readers. The full list of quotations, in a standard text format, can be found on the Rave Reviews> page.
  • Navigation aids. A "breadcrumb trail" is located near the top of each page so that users can easily move to related pages or return to the home page. Links that take the user away from the current page are indicated by a ">" for links that go elsewhere within the site, and by a globe icon for links that go to an external site.
  • Text size. Individuals using Internet Explorer 6 or earlier on a Windows computer will find that most text responds to preferences chosen using the View>Text Size menu option. (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Netscape and MAC browsers have Zoom features that enlarge most text regardless of how the page is coded.)

The following features have also been included:

  • Use of ALT attributes to convey the meaning of important graphics
  • Use of cascading style sheets, although the page is still readable for users who set their own style preferences via their browser.
  • Use of "skip navigation" to permit users to move past repetitive links
  • Use of valid HTML 4 Transitional code
  • Use of unique, meaningful link names
  • Use of navigation bars and other navigation cue
  • Links, buttons, etc. can be reached and activated without requiring mouse use

The site does not include frames, animation, data tables, or other elements that may cause accessibility issues if not properly coded.

Any questions about the accessibility of this site, or about accommodating individual users, may be addressed to Jane Vincent at

California Arts Council Financial support for website accessibility was partially provided by the California Arts Council through a program administered by the National Arts and Disability Center at UCLA.
National Arts Disability Center



The Church of 80% Sincerity
The Church of
80% Sincerity

by David Roche
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