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David Roche, Inspirational Humorist. You'll remember more than his face. He'll open your eyes. He'll touch your heart
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David Roche on stage

Photo of David looking pious "My face is unique, but my experiences are universal. Every person has feelings of being different and in some way unacceptable. No matter what our life circumstances, we all must learn to value ourselves and the gifts that we bring to the world."

"I had to find my own inner beauty and power. What seemed to be my 'flaw' has been revealed as a wonderful source of strength. I bring profound encouragement and empowerment to audiences to help them face change and challenges in all areas of their lives. My face thus becomes a gift, not only for myself, but for others, as their hearts open to courage, inspiration and laughter."

The Church of 80% Sincerity

Laughing in church?
David encourages it!
(Photo by Judy Gier)
David's widely acclaimed signature piece, The Church of 80% Sincerity, is an award-winning, one-man show that has played to enthusiastic audiences across the United States and Canada, in Australia, England, Ireland, Russia - and at the White House.

The Church of 80% Sincerity tracks the inspiring, poignant, wickedly funny and sometimes heart-breaking story of David's journey from shame to self-acceptance. David's powerful vignettes and keen observations invite the sweet (and sometimes raucous) laughter that flows from the recognition that we are all flawed and struggling beings. He provides an irresistible and unforgettable glimpse of his (and your) inner beauty and worth, offering profound encouragement in dealing with whatever life brings you.

Suitable for ages 12 and up

Full show: 70 minutes (shorter versions available)

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Other performances:

Facing the Holidays with Roche and Tate | Opening to You | Summertime

Facing the Holidays with Roche and Tate

photo of David and Terri Tateby David Roche and Terri Tate
Larkspur Cafe Theatre and Community Church of Mill Valley

David and friend Terri Tate External link offer a wild and warm take on the winter holidays as well as living, loving, eating and aging with a facial difference.

Opening to You

Photo of David kneeling on checkerboard floor with other actors A Traveling Jewish Theatre
San Francisco
2002-2003 season

Conceived and directed by company co-founder Corey Fischer, Opening to You is a dramatic interpretation and exploration of the biblical book of Psalms, based on a translation by Zen Buddhist priest Norman Fischer (no relation to the director). Corey Fischer and the cast have mixed in stories from their lives and family lore that personalizes the material and lends it dramatic shape and substance.


photo of David and fellow actor Celia Hughesby Charles L. Mee Jr.
directed by Kenn Watt
Magic Theatre
San Francisco
1999-2000 season

"Another highlight is Frank, Maria's husband, as played by David Roche. Frank and a boy named Edmund (James Marks) play out a gay flirtation, interesting mainly because of Roche, who has a speech impediment. His tufted gray hair, comic bugged eyes and lumpy tuberous cheeks - malformed by a birth defect - dampen his voice and make him look like one of those critics on The Muppet Show. But Roche can be a compelling actor in spite of the impediment, honest and funny, and his lack of pretense is just what a soliloquy in Act 2 (and frankly the whole play) needs. He sits and talks about mortality and love while Arabic music plays and his boyfriend Edmund sleeps. It's the only moment of honest feeling in the show."

- from SF Weekly review by Michael Scott Moore




The Church of 80% Sincerity
The Church of
80% Sincerity

by David Roche
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