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David Roche, Inspirational Humorist. You'll remember more than his face. He'll open your eyes. He'll touch your heart
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Storytelling workshops
and classes

David Roche and his wife, Marlena Blavin, share a fun moment.
(Photo by Kathleena Gorga)
David seizes every chance he can to teach and coach storytelling, with individuals, in small or large groups, for beginners or experienced professionals. He offers workshops and classes, frequently with his friends Jo Anne Smith and Terri Tate, and weeklong residential workshops with his wife, Marlena Blavin.

David and all of his colleagues bring their experience as performers and storytelling coaches to these playful, powerful offerings. They will guide you to tap into your wealth of personal stories and show you how to share them with ease.

David also produces storytelling showcase performances (in Mill Valley, CA) to give his students an opportunity to share their stories with enthusiastic, supportive audiences. See David’s schedule> for more information.

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David occasionally offers ongoing storytelling classes in the Bay Area. Check schedule>.


The Power of Personal Storytelling Workshop

with Jo Anne Smith External link
and Terri Tate External link

Gentle coaching to help you…
  • Express your natural creativity in a safe, supportive group
  • Experience the healing power of telling your stories and really being heard and witnessed
  • Explore the wide range of your stories, or craft a single story
  • Enjoy the warmth of shared community

We will guide you to tap into your wealth of stories and show you how to share them with ease. The flexible design allows us to tailor the experience to your intentions, and you will learn by doing and through modeling, coaching, simple exercises and discussion.

One-day workshop
See current schedule>
9:30 am – 5 pm
Mill Valley, CA
$160 fee includes individual videotape
Class size is limited


David Roche
David has coached and directed for many years and is a master at the art of finding and enhancing the universal appeal in a personal story.

Jo Anne Smith External link
Jo Anne produces and directs storytelling showcases and solo performances. An experienced facilitator, she combines a gift for helping people relax into their public presence with a keen ability to identify the essence of a story.

Terri Tate External link
Terri is a nationally recognized speaker and inspirational humorist. Audiences describe her performances as “hilarious, original and highly entertaining.” Trained as a therapist, she is skilled at creating an environment in which the best in people emerges.

Weeklong Retreat

Every summer, David and his wife, Marlena Blavin>, offer a weeklong storytelling class at the Naramata Centre External link of the United Church of Canada in the lovely Okanagan area of British Columbia. See current schedule>

Contact David> if your group is interested in storytelling classes, workshops or retreats of any form.


Developing a story out loud>

The art of transformational storytelling>

War of the Wills audio download

  Facially disfigured, Irish Catholic David Roche and beautiful, Jewish Marlena Blavin met and married in middle age. The resulting culture shock gave rise to these stories that celebrate their quirky and loving families.
Audio download $3.99

Listen to audio clips:







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